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Taking Flight-Phoenix From The Ashes- Switzerland Bound

Updated: Mar 15

This phoenix is rising!!!

Having received an official letter of acceptance on February 4, 2022 and with airfare booked, I can now announce that starting in May, I have the privilege of attending IMI-International Management Institute in Luzern, Switzerland, a top ranked hospitality school in the QS world rankings, to complete my MBA in Global Hospitality Business Development. This chapter will complete an educational journey, a path that I started in January 2021, which led me to Seneca College where I am about to finish a graduate certificate of the same name and bring me back full circle to the world of hospitality of which has been a part of my professional life for the last 30 years. I started working in hotels as a reservations agent and spent over 10 years working in rooms division management before donning my Chef's jacket and heading into the kitchen for the last 18 years. I went on to receive my red seal designation and had a very successful and rewarding career working with some fantastic people in the restaurant industry, however, as you all know from my previous posts, Covid is a bitch and change all of our lives. For me, this is just another opportunity to change my perspective and use these challenges to my advantage. Life in the kitchen is not easy and takes a toll and I am ready to harness all that I learned in my years behind the stoves as well as my time behind a front desk and combine all of that knowledge, along with my current studies at Seneca College and my future studies with IMI, into the next evolution of me.

Joe 3.0

Stay tuned as I will be documenting my journey as I upgrade Joe 2.0. I hope to share stories of success and happiness but I also believe it is beneficial and important to share stories of struggle and sacrifice.

I promise to share both.

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