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Switzerland you do not disappoint!!

Updated: Jun 10, 2022

My first week in Luzern is officially behind me and I have had a smile on my face the entire time. The first couple days were a little soggy and Jet lag aside, the rest of the week counted sunny days, flowers in bloom, temperatures in the mid 20's and friendly Swiss hospitality.

A friends comment that it is like a fairytale land is entirely accurate.

From the banks of Lake Luzern, featuring the Palace Luzern built in 1906, a shoreline promenade and the newly constructed KKL Luzern, a cultural hub that houses one of the best concert halls in all of Europe, which casts its shadow over the central Bahnhof, the transportation gateway to the alps with frequent train and bus services that will take you anywhere you want to go; to the towering heights of Chateau Guetsch perched overlooking old town, tucked securely inside the outer walls that once fortified the city, Luzern does not disappoint!!

All of these wonders have been carved from the receding glacial waters that spill from the Alps and run their course down the river Reuss converging with the river Rhine and eventually spilling into the North Sea. This magical place is steeped in history having evolved shortly after the rule of the Roman empire when in 750, a monastery consecrated to St. Leodegar was founded near the original village of Lucerne (today Hofkirche).

In 1241 the city receives its own seal and the rest, as they say, is history.

Living here is still so surreal and I have to pinch myself on occasion to make sure I am not dreaming. The postcard quality photo opportunities are endless and I am grateful to be able to pull out a phone and take as many pictures as I can without having to carry a bag of camera gear.

It is no wonder people decided to inhabited these lands as they offer some of the finest living conditions one could ask for. Fresh clean air, an environment that sustains healthy fish and game habitats, clean water, fertile farming lands and let us not forget some of the finest chocolate and cheeses produced in the world, a fairytale land indeed.

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