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Soaring With Dragons

My studies have kept me busy here in Switzerland but all work and no play makes Joe a dull boy, so on this particular day, I ventured in heaven' direction, well 7000 feet closer you might say, to the top of Mount Pilatus. By now nothing here should surprise me but a hotel at 7000 feet, I was not expecting. Leave it to the Swiss to make it happen.

It was a little hazy in the morning but I arrived at the base in time for the first lift up and enjoyed some nice scenery along the way.

After arriving by gondola at the top, I ascended the first of 3 peaks that I would summit this day. I Enjoyed lovely weather and a simple breakfast on top while waiting for the sun to burn off some of the haze that had developed over night. There are wild flowers everywhere and many of them are labeled with their names and the time of year they are in season. These black birds are plentiful and about the size of a crow back home. They are much friendlier and not shy about asking for food. This one shared my nectarine right from my hand. I named him George.

I spent most of the day hiking from peak to peak and was happy knowing that I had a ride back down the mountain at the end of the day.

All in all I had an amazing day. Next time I venture up the mountain will be when Kim arrives to join me for our vacation. She has already requested a turn or two on the mountain luge course and I will be very happy to oblige. We will summit from the other side and make use of the train which takes about 30 minutes to ascend and I have yet travelled, as well as a boat trip for our return to Luzern which will provide a magnificent journey back across the lake. 2 weeks left before she arrives, so there will be a few more posts to close out my solo time here and many more that will follow our travels through Venice and Rome, Italy through to Santorini, Syros and Athens Greece before we fly home so stay tuned.

Until next time.

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