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Leaving on a jet plane

Updated: Jun 4, 2022

In exactly one month, I will board a plane in Toronto and fly to Zurich, Switzerland on my way to Luzern, to continue a journey I started in January 2021 when I decided to take control of my future and return to school to pursue a graduate certificate in Global Hospitality Business Development at Seneca College.

Little did I know that it would lead to an educational pathway that would see me studying abroad in an effort to obtain my MBA from the 12th ranked hospitality school in the world.

I surprised myself by landing on the Dean's honor list and have enjoyed remarkable success.

Thank you to the professors and Seneca College for this opportunity.

I struggled as a high school student but somehow managed to squeak by with a grade point average that was nothing to write home about, but I learned enough that it got me to the next stage of my education and career, which led me to the next, and the next... If my high school teachers could see me now they would be amazed.

I am proof that not everyone is ready, or in the right place in time, to follow the paths expected of them, whether it be from teachers, family, society, friends, or your own pressures.

Your chance and time to shine is out there, you just need the right combination of motivation, desire, timing, and drive.

Most of all, you need to believe in yourself and be proud of the things that you have to offer to yourself. Embrace your journey for you and no one else. Do what makes you proud of you regardless of your age.

Never stop learning, it is never too late.

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