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After being separated for 3 months, by a 6 hour time difference, the Atlantic ocean and only being able to connect by video calls, my darling Kimberly finally joined me in Luzern, Switzerland for what was to be the starting point of our amazing journey.

Seeing her smiling face and the joy it brought to my heart, was the prettiest thing I had laid my eyes on since arriving in Switzerland, and I've seen some pretty beautiful sights!!

Kim's travels took her from Toronto to London's Gatwick airport thanks to WestJet airlines, where she travelled by hired car to Heathrow airport to meet her outbound Swissair connecting flight to Zurich, Switzerland. Her WestJet flight was 30 minutes late departing and the crew did their best to make up the time up in the air but they landed 30 minutes late. Not too bad considering they stories we were hearing.

We contacted "Heathrow Gatwick Cars", in advance, for a car and driver to meet her at Gatwick to provide ground transfer to Heathrow. We should have expected issues right from the beginning.

The day before her departure I called to confirm her reservation, as her window to change flights and airports was short, I wanted to make sure she would have zero stress and a seamless transition. We had already paid for and received and email with the billing receipt attached but they had no record of the reservation!!

I was told that a payment needed to be processed before they could assign a driver and even though I had proof of this payment having already been processed, I ended up paying for this service again to ensure someone would be assigned to pick her up. I didn't really have another option as the pick up was to happen in less than 24hrs and I was in Switzerland. Oh well, we would deal with this when we got home, most importantly is that someone would be there to greet her at the airport and deliver her in-time for her outbound flight.

I was assured someone would meet her at arrivals, holding a sign with her name on it, to deliver her safely to Heathrow in time for her flight.


Kim had to call the driver (thankfully she had his number) as he was nowhere to be found. He told her he was running late and would be there in 5 minutes. ??? Running late???

Her flight landed 30 minutes late so YA, I would say you are late!!

Fortunately he arrived shortly after she spoke with him and to his credit, he did get her to Heathrow in time for her flight. Thank goodness for small miracles!!

Other than her experience with Heathrow Gatwick Cars, which we DO NOT recommend and will certainly never use again, her travels were relatively smooth and her airport experience was fantastic. Call it luck if you will but I believe the universe knew how important this was for us and pulled out all the stops to make it happen.

Switzerland provided me with some life changing moments and unforgettable memories but non as great as the ones I got to share with Kim and those are the ones I will cherish the most.

Thank you Luzern, you are indeed a fairytale land.

Next stop..............................................Venezia, Italy.

Stay tuned!!

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