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Dreaming While Awake-Turning Dreams Into Reality

Dreaming While awake.

This is how I have felt over the last 3 years since the onset of the Covid 19 pandemic. Friends tell me they feel like they have been running in quicksand, never having worked so hard to remain in the same place.

Fortunately, I decided this was not going to be me! I was determined to take control of my future and thankfully, I found Seneca College to help me with my journey.

Rather than allow this pandemic to control my future, I recognized the opportunity to stop dreaming and make things a reality. The Global Hospitality Business Development Graduate Certificate, through Seneca Business and under the School of Hospitality and Tourism, offered me an opportunity to combine all of my hospitality knowledge under one umbrella. It has provided the tools I will need to become a beacon of change, and a vessel, which will help guide the future of how hospitality and tourism is thought of and developed in a post Covid pandemic era.

The College was also forced to alter the delivery of the programming as a result of the pandemic, and their ability to take the programming online offered me access to an opportunity that I might not otherwise have had a chance to enjoy. The programming, although challenging, was carefully curated and the flexible nature of the delivery makes it available to anyone regardless of their commitments. I found the synchronous learning to be very informative and enjoyed the interactions that they allowed. The asynchronous modules were easy to follow, and support was always an email away. The focus on group work also helped create a true world experience and helped to develop relationships even with the absence of in-person interactions.

I am proud of my achievement here at Seneca College and very excited to be undertaking the next part of my journey at IMI (International Management Institute) in Luzern, Switzerland where I am honored to follow a pathway created by Seneca College to complete my MBA (Master’s Business Administration- Global Hospitality Business Development). This direct pathway to an MBA is what drew me to Seneca in the first place. I recognized early on that this was possibly a once in a lifetime opportunity at such an experience and I was going to manifest anything required to seize this chance.

With the assistance of Seneca College and through the guidance of all the professors, come May the 5th, 2022, my dream becomes a reality and yours can too, you just need to recognize the dream and make it a reality.

Joe Duprey


Global Hospitality Business Development

Seneca College School of Business- School of Hospitality and Tourism

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