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Ah Rome-How I miss thee

My very good friend Dawn told me once after having heard me rant about how spectacular Venice was that I should hold judgement until I've seen Rome. As she put it, "You ain't seen nothing yet!!"

She was not wrong.

I fell in love with Rome, as I have fallen in love with everywhere I've been throughout my journey. If Switzerland is a fairytale land than this is the land where time stood still.

The sheer size and scope of what was accomplished in this city, and the marvel of how it was accomplished so many years ago... I had wanted to see Rome since I was a young boy and my heart is full having laid eyes on the majesty that is Rome.

We only had a day and a half and I wish it had been more. I could have spent a month here and I am sure I would have only scratched the surface. Our accommodation was an amazing Airbnb a 3 minute walk to the colosseum and was a perfect jumping off spot for our visit. We were right around the corner from the subway which allowed us to walk everywhere and still have access to the train station which was a key to our experience. Not having much time, we did not want to waste a moment and the location was perfect.

We sure did put the miles on in Rome and although we packed a lot into a short amount of time, we still managed to find small local cafes along the way where we ate and drank all that Rome had to offer. I felt strangely at home here. The people were wonderful, the food and drink fantastic, the sights, well they speak for themselves. I didn't even find the traffic to be all that bad, although I was happy to be on foot and not trying to navigate the city by car. With the availability of the subway and train system along with the odd bus or cab, you can easily enjoy Rome on foot and trust me, you will be better off for it.

Thank you Rome!!!!

I hope we meet again some day.

Next stop Santorini Greece.

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